Making Slow Progress on the Life Changing Front



I am happy to announce that I am making progress in the effort to change my life.  After reading this article you may not think that I am moving slowly, but I do!

The best update I have is that I no longer use crack cocaine.  I’m sure I’m still addicted to crack, but I do not crave it anymore. I don’t even spend money on it anymore.

What I did was switch drugs.  A lot of old-time drug addicts offered that advice throughout the years, so I decided to give it a try after hearing the same thing four months ago.

Have you heard of crystal meth?

Well..that’s what I started using. It is easier on the pocketbook and I don’t crave one hit after another as I did with the cocaine.  To give you an idea of the difference I spent on both drugs I have to say I could spend $60 on crystal meth and it will last at least one day. With crack, I would smoke 100 to 200 dollars a day.

There’s more good news. I do not use crystal meth every day. I am using it three times a week at most.  I am actually scared of crystal because it changes your brain and your physical appearance. It is a monster drug and it is as addictive as crack cocaine.

I hope I know what I’m doing.  I really do I want to change my life for the better.

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