Hanging Out with a Friend Named Nick


It’s late Friday night and I am hanging out with Nick Korn.  We are getting high. We’re smoking spice, which is synthetic marijuana, and crystal meth. 


Nick Korn from Lexington Illinois

Between the both of us we have $18 and we’re going to get more speed.  We are trying to figure out how to get it without getting ripped off.

Nick wants to sell a high-end back pack.  It’s a Targus model number tsb238us-70 that’s worth $69 new.  We’re going to post it on Craigslist for $30 and hope to sell it for $20 or $25 cash.

We almost decided to purchase crack cocaine.  But I was able to make a speed connection so we scored crystal.  We are currently waiting for a bus to go to back to my place.  I think we’re going to divide the crystal down the middle.

Nick wants to smoke and I want to shoot up.  The easiest solution is to split it in half and we can each do whatever we want with our portion.

We’re now on the bus.  Nick is sitting behind me.  Has the dope in his pocket which makes me a little suspicious.  Is he sitting behind me tapping then bag?

Tapping a bag is a common practice among drug addicts.  It’s simply a matter of taking a small amount of the drug so you can ingest it later.  It mainly occurs when a drug addict scores for another addict because he has a connection that’s available or has really good stuff.

I am still on a path to change my life.  I don’t consume nearly as much drugs as I used to.  And I don’t smoke crack cocaine anymore.

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