Friday Morning and I Have a Doctor’s Appointment in a Few Hours


It’s 9:22 in the morning on a Friday. I have not slept because I smoked crystal meth last night.  I’m still trying to change my life.  It was strong stuff so I still feel it and, I have a doctors appointment later this morning.

It would be nice if I could simply cancel the appointment.  Unfortunately it’s not that easy because I have cancelled the last 3 appointment with my doctor. She knows I’m doing crystal meth and she is not too happy about it.  She does encourage me to change my life by talking to me and giving me advice.

Drawing of a woman's face segmented

I’ll get it together soon.

The good news is Dr. Marquez knows I’m going into rehab in about 3 or 4 weeks, so she is just biding her time.  My social worker is doing the paperwork to get a bed for me soon.

Actually, I feel very lucky to have Dr. Marquez on my team. I feel very comfortable with her because she’s cool, but yet very professional, and she’s very patient.

Have a good day.  The stuff below is about NASA creating black holes on a computer.

I just witnessed a man-made black hole. Watch the video below and you’ll know what I mean 😃

Scientists at NASA believe black holes attract dark matter with their gravitational pull, causing them to collide & emit gamma-ray light.  Click on this link.