President Obama Tackling Drug Addiction


The White House announced a new drug addiction strategy   which will help addicts recover from addiction while going after drug dealers.  Obama will tackle the explosion in heroin use in a collection of eastern states most of which have high levels of addiction.


Before & After Woman Addicted Heroine

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To Help Addicts Change Focus will be on Treatment

The plan will focus on treating addicts rather than punishing them and targeting high-level suppliers for arrest.  It’s not going to be easy helping addicts kick a heroine habit.

I’ve talked about my addiction on this blog so I know first-hand how hard it is to change.  Changing your life takes a lot of effort and dedication as well as money.

Announcing the ‘Heroin Response Strategy’ on Monday, Michael Botticelli, Director of National Drug Control Policy, said the new plan will address the heroin and painkiller epidemics as both “a public health and a public safety issue.”

Under the plan, $2.5 million of $13.4 million in new funding to combat drug trafficking will target regions the White House said are facing a severe heroin threat: Appalachia, New England, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia,


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