Laid Up in a Hospital Again


Hello there,

I haven’t written a blog post for a long time because I’m laid up with a bad ankle.  They (the doctors) almost had to amputate my right leg just below the knee because it became really infected.  Talk about a life change!

Currently, I’m on a powerful antibiotic called vancomycin and there is a tiny vacuum cleaner inside my leg sucking the infection out of me.  I’ve been hospitalized for more than two weeks so far.


Ankle after operation

I hurt my right leg about a month ago trying to inject morphine then it got infected so bad I had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital.  I kept thinking it’d get better but it got worse.  One of the doctors on the case told me if I had waited one more day to get help, they would not have been able to save my foot.

I was admitted to the UCSF Medical Center where I remained for about two weeks while the doctors tried to save my foot.  I suffered through two operations both of which hurt so bad  I had to scream every time someone touched the injury.  I may have to go through one more operation but I still have my foot. 

I’m grateful the doctors were able to save my foot.  They were talking about an amputation right below the knee if they couldn’t clean all the debris and infection.

I’m a lucky guy!  Thanks for your time and your support while I try to change my life.

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