Still at the San Francisco Nursing Center



I’m still a patient at the San Francisco Nursing Center and I may be here three more weeks.  It’s not a bad place as far as skilled nursing facilities go, but it’s a ‘no smoking’ facility so it’s hard for me to smoke cigarettes.

I have a doctor’s appointment next week when it’ll be decided if I’m going to receive a skin graph.

If I do get a skin graph, it’ll mean at least two more weeks of inpatient treatment.  The doctor said I’d be admitted to San Francisco General Hospital for at least a week, then back here to SFNC.


My foot after the operation

This picture was taken after two operations to save my leg from amputatm
.  At least I’m getting the treatment I need.  My right foot was almost amputated.  That was a big scare because I don’t want to lose any of my limbs.

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