Preoperative Instructions for My Upcoming Surgery


Preoperative Instructions

Photo Credit: ricoramiro

The picture above is my pre-operation instructions.  I go under the knife on October 29th which is approximately two weeks away.  I’m a little scared because the podiatrist is going to lengthen my Achilles tendon when she performs the skin graft.

My primary care provider said she’ll read the podiatrist’s notes, but the lengthening of the tendon is nothing to worry about.  I’m going to listen to her and not get a second opinion as I’d planned.

Thanks to Obama Care I have have health insurance so it’s not going to cost me anything.  I don’t even have to pay for the pain meds which is a plus.

There are risks with any surgery which is what has me scared.  I’m sure the surgery will go well and I’ll be good as new in four weeks.

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