Six to Eight Weeks to Heal


I have a surgery date scheduled for 10/29/15 which is this coming Thursday.  My right leg is healing nicely, but surgery is needed so the wound heals faster.

The doctor performing the operation said she’s going to do a skin graft and lengthen my Achilles tendon.  The skin graft will heal fast, it’s the lengthening of the tendon that’s going to take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to heal.


While the tendon heals I’ll be confined to a wheelchair.  I’ve already been in a wheelchair for more than 30 days and another month or two will make me a pro at maneuvering on it. 

It’s going to be rough for the holidays, but I’m sure I’ll manage well.  In fact, I’m sure the surgery will go well.

I was kinda scared last week but after performing research I feel a lot better.

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