Ready to Move to New Apartment


I’m moving in to a new apartment and I’m excited and scared at the same.  I know moving from the old place was inevitable, so I’m happy for the opportunity to change my life completely


Photo Credit: ricoramiro

At least I have help moving my stuff from the old place.  My housing manager and my social worker are both helping me move.  I’m grateful I have two people helping me move because I’m on crutches and my mobility is impaired.

My social worker is picking me up from the San Francisco Nursing Center at one o’clock today and we’re going to go by taxi, to the hotel Tropica which is where I’ve lived for the last year.  She said she’d be here between 1 and 2 p.m. so I’ll be able to eat one last lunch here,

While my social worker is picking me up, my housing manager is going to meet us at the Hotel Tropica.  He said my stuff is already in boxes so it’ll be easy to move.

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