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Lightening in the Mountains

Lightening in the Mountains

I created the image below with the app on my Android smartphone.  The image is posted on my PicsArt page.

PicsArt has a cool feature that allows users to embed any image from their website into a blog about or static web page.  To compliment that feature, WordPress makes it easy for bloggers to embed almost any type of content on their site.

I embedded a Flipagram image here.  The image on this post is from the content sharing platform

About six months ago I began creating abstract images as a way to stay out of trouble.  It’s now a hobby which not only keeps me busy, but it also provides content for my blogs and websites.

In addition to I also maintain an account with my nickname ricoramiro on the platform.

This is the year I get off drugs so I’m glad to have something to pass the time.  I’ve been wanting to change my life for decades and I’m finally getting somewhere.