Fireworks Monster Abstract Image



Photo Credit: ricoramiro

I’m calling this picture the ‘Fireworks Abstract Monster’.  Those of you who read this blog know I create abstract images as a way to pass the time and mainly to stay out of trouble while I try to change my life.

Another reason I create these images is because I have a lot of fun doing it.  I hope my monsters don’t frighten you too much.

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Digital Image Hosts a Monster


I created this image yesterday afternoon then I fiddled with it almost all day. The funny thing is, the more I changed the image, the more it began to look like a monster. I think that’s what I wanted all along.

When I creat a digital abstract download, I am going for shock value. I want my clients to be forced to think about the image for more than 10 seconds.

Monster Found in Digial Art

When I began creating the image below, it didn’t look anything you see now. It was a simple abstract image. The powerful… and forgiving, app is fun to use and the images and photos are easy to fix.

The best part is the app is intuitve so it’s super easy to learn how to create images you’d want to share with every person in your circles and in your friend’s list.  Please be sure that post a comment with your blog’s link so I can visit your site.

Abstract Image Multi Colored

Multi Color Abstract Image

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